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Not all existing cranes with significant deficiencies need to be scrapped and replaced.  Depending on the structural and mechanical condition of older equipment, there are a number of shortcomings that can be corrected through the process of refurbishment.  Rather than just continuing to repair a crane, in an ongoing ‘as needed’  cycle, major components or subsystems are upgraded or replaced, resulting in a ‘new lease on life’.  A well planned and executed refurbishment, can be faster, more cost effective and equally productive as replacement.

Areas typically optimal for refurbishment include controls, electrification and hoist/trolley transplants.  Modern technological advancements, such as variable frequency drives, handheld radio remote controls, wireless pushbutton pendants and ‘packaged’ hoists, are reasonably priced and readily available.  J. V. Crane can assess your requirements and accomplish a successful refurbishment of your existing equipment.

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