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Regular periodic inspections, per OSHA specification 1910.179, are a highly beneficial means of monitoring and maintaining materials handling equipment, for peak performance, safety and continued longevity. J. V. Crane offers a wide range of custom configured inspection services, specifically designed to meet the client’s needs and budget. Inspections are based on monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual increments, at the customer’s choosing and may include any or all of the following services:

Visual / Operational Inspection
OSHA / ANSI Safety Compliance Review
Scheduled Component Lubrication
Mechanical / Electrical Component Adjustment
Full Preventative Maintenance
Operator Training


A detailed report of the findings, reflecting any specific deficiencies and recommended course of action, is provided with any inspection. Using state of the art software on jobsite tablets, our technicians record alphanumeric and photographic inspection data, in an organized, secure and efficient manner. Subsequently, the J. V. Service Manager will produce an itemized quotation of repairs for the customer’s consideration.