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Industrial Monorails are ideally suited to moving materials along a predetermined path, in otherwise unused overhead space.  Suspended from the building structure, monorails can transfer loads between adjacent bays and underhung cranes.  These design features allow monorails to navigate throughout a manufacturing facility, performing in-progress functions at several locations, without removing the load from the hoist.  There are two types of monorail systems, each distinguished by their track material; ‘I-Beam’ Monorails, made from AISC Standard American Beam sections and ‘Patented Track’ Monorails, using engineered composite sections comprised of a hardened alloy steel ‘operating flange’ with a mild steel web and top flange, factory welded to achieve exceptional strength, durability and dimensional accuracy.  The choice between ‘I-Beam’ and ‘Patented Track’ depends on a number of factors, including function, complexity and initial cost.  Contact us for a J. V. team member to discuss your application requirements, help select an appropriate course of action and carry out a successful project from planning to start-up.