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Lost time injuries are the bane of any maintenance facility. Costly in terms of productivity, financial responsibility and human suffering, industrial accidents are often the result of a fall while working at an elevated location. Fall Protection equipment and Emergency Egress solutions are a mandatory OSHA requirement for workplace safety. J. V. Crane can engineer, provide and install a number of different ‘anchorage systems’, depending on application. Options include ‘tight-wire’, ‘enclosed track/trolley’ and ‘I-beam/trolley’ systems. Complete with body harnesses , lanyards and self-retracting lifelines, these systems prevent falls, while allowing the required freedom of movement to perform maintenance tasks. We can also provide Emergency Egress ‘descender’ equipment to evacuate trapped personnel from heights (such as crane cabs), in extenuating circumstances, such as power failure. Please call for a safety consultation and comprehensive quotation.rials.